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Talking Content Strategy with IKEA:
The Future is Immersive

30th November 2022

Ensuring your customers experience a consistent and frictionless journey requires an omnichannel, “phygital” experience—one that connects them online and in-store. Bridging that gap between the digital and physical world is no longer a trend, but a key and necessary strategy in this new era of technology. So, GDS Group Presenter Sarah Tijou speaks with Bryn Rees, the Director of Digital Content Strategy at IKEA about mixed-realities, knowledge-powered adaptive content, and everyone’s favourite – omnichannel. Let us know what you think in the comments or email podcast@gdsgroup.com.

Discussion points

  • What exciting new trends and technologies are you seeing/hearing about?
  • What is IKEA working on that’s exciting you?
  • What have you seen elsewhere? Are there companies out there really inspiring you?

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