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In a world where it is more difficult than ever to
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Heather Larrabee

EVP Marketing

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Dynamic and engaging virtual and live experiences to build
connections and drive pipeline.

Virtual roundtables

Join a discussion with 4-6 senior decision-makers, all looking for the right solutions to unlock their digital transformation challenges.

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Virtual summits

Engage with 75+ senior executives with active projects and a common purpose, sharing expertise and aligning outcomes.

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Virtual showcases

Harness the power of studio-grade production and land strategic messages in a truly immersive virtual experience.

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Live events

Create a tailored, face-to-face event experience that resonates into real-world results.

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Unlock the human dimension with a complete self-serve, internal & external meetings and events experience platform.

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"It's having that opportunity to tell that story, to really educate the marketplace on what makes these events really valuable."
Caroline Turner, VP of Enterprise Sales, Optoro
"With the change in the pace of the market and how people are getting information, this is a new way to engage with our prospects. It also gives us more touches and more meaningful touches."
Cindy O’Keefe, VP Marketing & Business Development, Gorilla Logic
"Every meeting I get involved with is different. I could be I'm sitting in front of someone in the financial industry and the next one could be in the telecommunications industry. But with the research that we get up front, I know some things at least about the person I'm spending time with so we can tailor and specifically focus on what they'll be interested in, not what we think they'd be interested in."
Jason Mical, Cyber Security Evangelist, Devo
"The summits really create that interface, that relationship, where it can begin. People can reveal their goals, and we can reveal new truths about how we can align our superpowers with their superpowers, and create the impact those leaders are incentivized to make. "
David Kidder, CEO & Co-Founder, Bionic
"It's a great means by which we can share what we've learnt and share our message and our education or our evangelism."
Jim Zuffoletti, CEO & Co-Founder, Safeguard Cyber
"GDS incorporates a live moderator and a real studio with virtual attendees and speakers all being seen at the same time in one place. It truly makes the audience feel like they're in a real keynote room, that a state of the art."
Sheela Subramanian, Senior Director, Future Forum, Slack
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