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Conversation With a Hacker

18th January 2023


Welcome to season 3 of Strategy for Breakfast! We’re kicking things off with an exclusive conversation with a real-life HACKER! What is an “ethical” hacker, what makes someone choose the “good” side of hacking, and how does one get started? Gordon Long, senior offensive security engineer at Zoom and president and founder of LegioX Cyber Technologies, gives you the inside scoop on life as a hacker, and it turns out it’s easier than you think to get involved in the industry. He’s also got insight for individuals and businesses to remain secure and vigilant against cyber-attacks! Let us know what you think at podcast@gdsgroup.com.

Discussion points

  • What’s it like being a hacker?
  • What exciting things are you seeing in the security space?
  • How can people be best prepared for cyber-attacks?

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Check out Gordon’s company, LegioX and the product RansomGuard here. For Gordon’s recent discovery regarding MacOS click here.


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