Weekend in Quest


Weekend in Quest is a shabbaton, or Shabbat study retreat. Since 2007, Weekend in Quest has been held in February or March at a hotel in Astoria, on the beautiful Oregon coast.

Weekend in Quest has been sponsored by IJS and co-sponsored by an array of area synagogues and other Jewish educational organizations.
The weekend has included a 4-session lecture series given by a prominent scholar in Judaic studies, Friday evening and Saturday morning services led by area Jewish clergy, a number of communal meals, and an enjoyable Saturday-evening entertainment program.

Past Weekend in Quest Retreats:

2017  Professor Roger Porter, Reed College
"'Who Is the Jew?' Anti-Semitism in Shakespeare and Philip Roth" (download brochure

2016  Professor Noam Pianko, University of Washington
"Is There a Future for Jewish Peoplehood" (download brochure)

2015 Professor Devin E. Naar, University of Washington
"The Rise and Fall of Ladino-Speaking Jewry" (download brochure)

2014 Prof. Ellen Eisenberg, Willamette University
"Go West, Young Mensch!" (download brochure)

2013 Prof. Matthew Warshawsky, University of Portland
"Jews, Conversos, and Crypto-Jews in Iberia and the Americas" (download brochure

2012: Prof. Oren Kosansky, Lewis & Clark College
"The Modern Moroccan Jewish Experience" (download brochure)

2011 Prof. Loren Spielman, Portland State University
"Jews and Popular Culture in the Ancient World" (download brochure)

2010 Prof. Judith Baskin, University of Oregon
"Insiders and Outsiders Who Is the Other? Biblical and Rabbinic Views of Gentiles, Converts, Women and Servants" (download brochure)

2009 Prof. Natan Meir, Portland State University
"The Lives of Our Mothers and Fathers in Eastern Europe" (download brochure)

2008 Rabbi Alan Berg
"Gilgul Spiritual Transformation and the Jewish Musical Voice" (download brochure)

2007 Prof. Steven Wasserstrom, Reed College
"Islam from a Jewish Perspective" (download brochure)