Weekend in Quest

wiq thumbnailWeekend in Quest is a shabbaton, or Shabbat study retreat. Since 2007, Weekend in Quest has been held in February or March at a hotel in Astoria, on the beautiful Oregon coast. Weekend in Quest has been sponsored by IJS and co-sponsored by an array of area synagogues and other Jewish eucational organizations.
The weekend has included
a 4-session lecture series given by a prominent scholar in Judaic studies, Friday evening and Saturday morning services led by area Jewish clergy, a number of communal meals, and an enjoyable Saturday-evening entertainment program.
  • 2014: Scholar: Prof. Ellen Eisenberg, Willamette University, "Go West, Young Mensch!";  services led by Beth Hamon of Congregations Beth Israel and Havurah Shalom and Elizabeth Schwartz of Congregation Havurah Shalom (download brochure)

  • 2013: Scholar: Prof. Matthew Warshawsky, University of Portland, "Jews, Conversos, and Crypto-Jews in Iberia and the Americas"; services led by Ilene Safyan of Congregations Neveh Shalom and Havurah Shalom in Portland (download brochure)

  • 2012: Scholar: Prof. Oren Kosanksky, Lewis & Clark College, "The Modern Moroccan Jewish Exprience"; services led by Rabbi Joseph Wolf of Congregation Havurah Shalom in Portland (download brochure)

  • 2011: Scholar: Prof. Loren Spielman, Portland State University, "Jews and Popular Culture in the Ancient World"; services led by Rabbi Elizabeth Dunsker of Congregation Kol Ami in Vancouver, Washington (download brochure)

  • 2010: Prof. Judith Baskin, University of Oregon, "Insiders and Outsiders: Who Is the Other? Biblical and Rabbinic Views of Gentiles, Converts, Women and Servants"; services led by Cantor Barbara Slader (download brochure)

  • 2009: Prof. Natan Meir, Portland State University, "The Lives of Our Mothers and Fathers in Eastern Europe"; services led by Rabbi Ariel Stone of Congregation Shir Tikvah in Portland (download brochure)

  • 2008: Rabbi Alan Berg, "Gilgul: Spiritual Transformation and the Jewish Musical Voice"; services led by Rabbis Joshua Stampfer and Daniel Isaak of Congregation Neveh Shalom in Portland (download brochure)

  • 2007: Prof. Steven Wasserstrom, Reed College, "Islam from a Jewish Perspective"; services led by Rabbis Joshua Stampfer and Bradley Greenstein of Congregation Neveh Shalom in Portland (download brochure)
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