Chai Fantasy
A panel Discussion about Fantasy Literature and Judaism

chai fantasy

Date: Wednesday - April 02, 2014
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: at the MJCC
Tickets: $8 Adults, $5 students


A partnership between the Mittleman Jewish Community Center and Oregon Jewish Museum with the support of  Institute for Judaic Studies. Generously funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland.

Five award-winning authors spanning from fiction to graphic novels and poetry will talk about the links between Judaism and creativity in fantasy literature.

What connections can we discover between religion and imagination; what links can we discern between spiritual experience and the cultivation of curiosity and creativity? Why do we find so few examples of alternative universes in specifically Jewish literature? Can there be a Jewish Narnia?  

In this panel discussion, five authors who span the spectrum from fiction for children and adults to graphic novels and poetry will wrestle with these questions as they draw from experience weaving fantasy into their award-winning works. Additionally, PSU Jewish Studies Professor Michael Weingrad will contribute to the conversation from his study of modern Jewish and Hebrew literature.

Is there a place for such Jewish staples as matzoh balls and marzipan within the world of myth and magic? Come delve with us into chai fantasy.

Speakers Include:

Barry Deutsch,

Ruth Tenzer Feldman,

Lisa Goldstein,

Willa Schneberg,

David Michael Slater,  

PSU Hebrew and Judaic Studies Professor Michael Weingrad,