Other Lectures and Lecture Series

Guest Lectures

Over the years the Institute has brought guest lecturers to various campuses, including luminaries such as Alfred Kazin, Dr. Alexander Flinder, and Milton Viorst.

2001 What is Jewish Philosophy? Five Paths to be Taken, Zev Harvey

2001 Ethics and the Media, Tom Goldman

1999 Speak Softly But Carry A Big Stick, Bryna Levy

1996 On Display: Jews at World Fairs, 1876 -1940, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

1995 The Gulf Crisis: What is the Way Out? Milton Viorst

1993 Moses & Monotheism Symposium, David Spain, Howard Rosenbaum

1993 The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Conquering Army of God, Professor Ziony Zevit

1993 The Story of Chinese Jews, Professor Donald Leslie

1992 Yiddishkayt: A Legacy of Language in Translations and Poems, Kathryn Hellerstein

1991 Jewish Mysticism, Moshe Idel

1991 The Motherhood of God in the Bible, Professor Mayer Gruber

1990 November 9, 1938/November 9, 1989: Days of Destiny for Germany
        and the World
, Whitney Harris, special prosecutor and U.S. trial counsel
        at the Nuremberg Trials

1988 An Underwater Archeologist in the Holy Land, Dr. Alexander Flinder

1987 God and the 20th Century American Writer, Alfred Kazin

1987 Jewish Politics in Europe and America Up To W.W.II, Professor Ezra Mendelsohn

1987 Treasures of the Holy Land, Dr. Yael Israeli

1986 Ancient Jerusalem in the Light of Recent Archeological Discoveries,
        Dr. Yigal Shiloh

1985 Arab-Israeli Conflict As Seen in the Dreams of Israeli Children,
        Professor Yoram Bilu

1985 A Certain People, Charles Silberman

1984 Survival of a Culture: History and Relationships of 'Island Cultures:'
        The Basques, Hispanics, Laotians, Hmong, Mien and Russians of Oregon
        and the Jews of Kaifeng, China