Jonathan Newman Memorial Law Conferences
co-Sponsored with Lewis and Clark Law School

Law ConferencesSince its founding in 1983, the Institute for Judaic Studies of the Pacific Northwest has co-sponsored a number of Law Conferences. These have dealt with a wide range of issues, and have attracted lawyers, law students, and members of the general community.

Beginning with the 1992 conference — The Jewish Stake in the Bill of Rights — the series permanently honors Jonathan Newman (1927-1991). A graduate of Yale Law School, Judge Newman moved to Portland in 1953 and practiced civil law here for nearly 30 years. 

He was a founding member of the Oregon American Civil Liberties Union and its first secretary, also serving as a cooperating attorney in court cases and legislative hearings.  In 1982 the ACLU awarded him its highest honor, the E. B. MacNaughton Civil Liberties Award,

In 1968, he was elected to the Portland School Board.

In 1982 Newman was elected to the Oregon Court of Appeals and re-elected six year s later, serving with distinction on the bench until shortly before his death.

It was particularly appropriate that the first conference memorializing Judge Newman, himself the son of a rabbi and a distinguished civil libertarian, should deal with the Jewish Stake in the Bill of Rights.

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Codes & Commands: Emerging Law & Religious Traditions in the Treatment of Animals

2005 Ethical Issues in Reparations to Aggrieved Groups: What Lessons Can We Learn from the Holocaust?

1992 The Jewish Stake in the Bill of Rights

1990 Law and Human Rights in the West Bank and Gaza

1988 Jewish Supreme Court Justices

1986 Reverence for Life

1985 Death and Loss in Contemporary America: Psychological and Judaic Viewpoints

1984 The Roots of Common Law in the Bible and Talmud